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Viktor updated a year ago
WordPress vs. What’s Right for You?

We're frequently asked about the difference between self-hosted WordPress vs. Why should you pay for self-hosted WordPress if offers WordPress for free? Once you understand the basic difference between the two platforms, you'll see why one is better... (More)


Hi Ruby, thanks for your question.

You have two options, depending on what you prefer to do.

Option 1: Hide Elementor Overview widget using the Screen Options menu

This is the easiest option. You simply hide the Elementor Overview widget... (More)

Updates to Our Privacy Policy (September 29, 2020)

A quick update on changes to our privacy policy. Nothing really has changed. The only change implemented was additional legal wording to comply with the new Brazillian version of GDPR called LGPD. So the changes affect only Brazillian users.

The... (More)