Reframe, reframe, and reframe!

Reframe the business or the product to the point where it becomes beneficial to the customer. This is what Malcolm is preaching in customer success tipping point through various successful examples and when you reframe it to the level where people think of it as different and more beneficial to themselves then people will buy it.

For instance, let's take the example of RCA radio which had been around for some time in the early 1920’s but the sales were low. David Sarnoff (American entrepreneur and radio and television pioneer) came along and did something different. He showed radio's market potential by live broadcasting the boxing match between Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier on July 2, 1921. The broadcast had a phenomenal response.

Sarnoff revolutionized an existing product utility and made it highly appealing to the customers. He reframed the way people thought about radio in those days. However you have to appreciate in this video that it is the ordinary people from humble backgrounds that changed a product or reshaped an industry.

This is an excellent way of relating to the viewers as most of the people are not executive’s and people can relate back and find motivation to make changes in their personal lives or businesses and products as they only have to think with a different perspective.

However, there are setbacks to this process and the speaker is fully aware of this and gives the bigger picture right out with the examples of the shipping company and the transportation industry.

In his opinion the reframing of a product or an industry is an enormously significant and very challenging task to take on. It is not always easy as back in the early 1900s. The shipping industry was struggling and one person with an idea and a different perspective changed this industry to the point that it involved not only the ships, the cranes and the docks to be improved but the sales team had to be revamped as well.

The examples provided in the video by Gladwell will help you apply reframing to your business and your industry. Simply try looking at your business, product, or industry with a completely new set of eyes. You will see something different, something nobody else saw. Enjoy the video.