Seth Godin says that the landscape of making things is changing. There is an infinite space to create job and work for yourself. However, this also means that there is an infinite space for everyone else. So many great ideas can get lost.

In the video, Godin helps entrepreneurs figure out how to you achieve market penetration for a product or service. Godin takes the position of the open-minded skeptic. He is willing to listen to different ideas. However, he also wants to show where there are pitfalls and where things can be improved.

This video is mainly a Q&A type lecture with an audience of young entrepreneurs. It has a short introduction from Godin to explain his philosophy as to how he will go about helping audience members. He is going to listen for speed bumps in their businesses and provide his opinion on some of the best ways to fix these problems. He says having a wonderful idea is not enough. There also has to be a way for the idea to be used by many easily. So a great idea not only has to be something that cannot be denied, but also has to have a large group of early adopters.

Some of the questions that are asked is how do I take my business to the next level of success? One of Godin's answers is to make it so that your customers subscribe to your ideas. This way the customers keep coming back, giving you a backbone of reorders so that you can have a regular cash flow. Another important moment is when Godin says that you need to know what kind of business you want to have.

Does your business have the ability to become an international conglomerate or is it something that would work best as a small business? These are some of the questions that he thinks you should ask yourself when creating or continuing to work at your own business venture.

Overall, Godin believes that having your own business is a great way to love what you do and continue to want to do it. He hopes that after watching the video people come away with a better sense of what they need to do to be successful.

Source: Nearly Impossible