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What are your thoughts about Meet Edgar?

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Thanks for the great question. Here's an easy way to see the main difference between Hootsuite and Edgar:

  • Hootsuite offers 360 degree social media management dashboard
  • Edgar offers content scheduling and recycling platform

While Hootsuite offers everything you need for social media management, Edgar is laser focused on helping their customers schedule and recycle content.

Hootsuite allows you to:

  • Post and schedule social media updates to multiple profiles and networks
  • Monitor and listen to social media conversations
  • Collaborate with team members and assign tasks
  • Detailed social media analytics
  • Facebooks Ads and Campaign creators are new beta features

Edgar allows you to:

  • Schedule social media updates and categorize them
  • Re-use/recycle your past updates so you don't have to rewrite them
  • Automatically re-fill your queue when it's empty with past updates
  • View analytics per update (comments, likes, views, etc.)

With Edgar you would have to use individual social media websites to be able to view conversations, participate in real-time and to listen (monitor).

One thing I want to point out, Hootsuite Publisher is the real alternative to Edgar. Although Edgar does solve scheduling and social content management problem better with more automation features, Hootsuite does offer robust scheduling features - including Suggestions (under Content Sources in the screenshot). In my marketing circles, I did see some folks mention that they use Hootsuite and Edgar together. Hootsuite allows them to manage all social media accounts in one place, while Edgar keeps their feeds topped up with either new or re-used content. So they can be used together. 

You can also checkout Edgar's own comparison to Hootsuite here107.

Another consideration: Buffer

At ProjectArmy we also use Buffer95 for heavy volume content curation and love it. It's a lot more like Edgar, it focuses on content curation across multiple social media profiles and networks. Edgar's unique benefit is recycling of old updates to keep your feed active, so if that's something you want Edgar is the tool you need. I'll leave you with this:

Hootsuite is a Swiss Army Knife of social media management, while Edgar only wants to help you filet your social content and scheduling to free up your time.

If you have any additional questions, please do comment on this answer. I'm happy to help.

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