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What three things can website owners do to increase traffic?

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Thanks for the question. Would be happy to shed some light and share tips on what you can do on a daily basis to help improve your traffic. One thing to keep in mind is that what you can do depends on your time and resources.

1. Monitor Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) for issues

Biggest issues for websites when it comes to SEO is making sure Google is happy when it crawls your website. That means fixing any errors that Google finds and reports. 

For example, one constant issue that tends to happen are 404 errors. Google finds broken links to external websites as well as broken links to internal pages on your website. These do hurt your SEO efforts, so you need to stay on top of those errors and get them fixed as soon as possible. 

This can be your daily task, login to your Search Console and review messages (if any) and crawling errors. If you find crawling errors, get them fixed. Here's where they are:

Google Search Console > Coverage > Errors
Google Search Console > Coverage > Errors

You'll see highlighted "Download" button, it gives you an option to download all errors and URLs as a CSV file. This way you can go through all your errors and get them fixed. If the pages are not broken and simply don't exist anymore, simply setup 301 redirects either manually in your .htaccess files or since you have a WordPress website we use and recommend Simple 301 redirects plugin53

Based on your available time each day and amount of errors, you can go through a few errors/URLs each day. Make sure to mark them as fixed in Search Console.

2. Consider revising high traffic, high bounce rate pages

Google does take user behavior into account when ranking websites. They look at if and how fast searcher might return to search results page, which signals user engagement and relevancy of content. 

So look in Google Analytics for pages that have high traffic from search engines and also high bounce rate. Revising them and/or adding some additional user engagement features to keep them on the website will help improve overall ranking since Google will see users are sticking around longer on your website. Consider if there is a gap between what value your SEO title and meta description deliver at the moment of search and the value your page content delivers. 

For example, if they expect to learn how to fix coffee maker based on the page's SEO title and description and when they visit the page it's not about fixing coffee makers - then they will bounce back to search results. You want to make sure you deliver on that original value promise, not just bait them to click through.

3. Monitor and participate in relevant forums and Q&A sites

Find forums and Q&A sites that are relevant to your niche. This can be a very valuable, long term effort to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Keep in mind, you don't want to spam the website and simply promote your website. You want to participate in the forum conversations and answer questions, and when it is appropriate to the topic include links to your own pages/posts. 

I've seen great success in using Quora to drive targeted traffic to one of our websites through answers that deliver value right there on Quora's website, but then also offer additional resources on our website. 

First thing to do is to compile a list of a few forums and Q&A sites that are relevant to your niche. Then spend 20-30 minutes each day going through those websites to find threads and questions you can answer. Don't write an answer to a question as a blog post and then simply post a link to it on that website, that's not contributing to the conversation. That's just self-promotion and might get you banned or flagged. 

Keep in mind, these websites can be mined for amazing topics to write about on your website to generate traffic from search engines looking for answers to those questions. 

I hope this gives you some good ideas for daily and effective SEO routine. I tried to stay away from "you need to write more" advice. If you can write daily, do so. More relevant content on your website means you will get more relevant traffic to your website. 

Tip #3 can help you find highly relevant and engaging topics to write about. 

Let me know if you have any additional questions, you can simply comment on this answer and I will be happy to help.

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